and leon’s getting larger!

May 10th, 2012

last night i sat on the couch in my maternity yoga pants while eating nutella straight from the jar with a spoon.  I’m bringing the class up here in Lil’ Elm.

Despite that lovely image, i did manage to lose 4.6 pounds and a total of 5.25 inches off of my body in April.  And now that I’ve eaten all of the nutella in our house, i won’t be falling prey to that siren song any longer.  At least, not till i get a chance to buy more.

wine/beer: 2. treadmill: 0

April 25th, 2012

that title is pretty much self explanatory.  but my diet has been pretty healthy lately, so that’s something.

garage sale win

April 23rd, 2012

We made about $90 at the garage sale this weekend, and that’s without selling the big ticket item (the crib).  And I scored a working treadmill for $25.  I was going to work out today but then i helped John haul that behemoth upstairs to the media room today and i’m wiped.  So in a way, i guess the treadmill is already helping me work out?

other than the garage sale i did fuck all this weekend.  John gamed with friends on Sunday so it was just me and the girl, so we hung out with her bff next door for a while and then came back here and watched movies and did some crafts.  I’m sure i’ve said this before, but i’m giving a huge round of applause to the single parents and stay-at-home-moms out there.  One day of one-on-one time with catie is enough; there is zero way i could do it all day every day.  By the time john got home i was done.   and it’s not her, it’s me.  she’s a great kid.  she was (for the most part) totally agreeable, just content to hang out doing crafts, watching some tv, riding her bike, playing with barbies.  but omg i get so goddamned bored with it all.  i can only play barbies so long before i want to stab myself in the head with one of them.  coloring is great for 5 minutes, but then i want to do anything else.  biking is okay, but it’s fucking hot and my allergies are insane so after 10minutes i’m over it.  i just could not do it full time.   there are some times when i wish we’d had 2 kids.  but then i have a day of solo time with catie and it just reinforces how glad i am we’re one and done.

who’s ready for a garage sale?

April 20th, 2012

not me.  but it’s garage sale weekend here in the PC again, so john (with help/hindrance from catie) schlepped all of the baby stuff down to the garage again.  as we were setting some of the stuff up, a couple of construction guys came over and asked if we were open for business tonight.  sure!  they walked away with two entire bins of clothes and some shoes, and we’re $20 richer.  score.  that’s 2 bins of stuff we don’t have to store for next time.  It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow; i’m taking catie to dance class, john’s manning the garage, then i’m going to relieve him after we get back and he and catie will probably go on a tour of the ‘hood like usual.  she loves garage sale day.  she gets to walk around the ‘hood and “say hi to everyone”.  that’s her thing.

and speaking of my kid, who wants to hear “shit my kid says”?  too bad, i’m sharing anyway.  on the way home from school she informed us that “air can come out of your butt.  that’s a fart.  and air comes out of your mouth sometimes.  that’s a burp.  and sometimes air comes out of your vulva.”  i had no response to that other than “uh, yeah, sometimes i guess it does”.

baked oatmeal
tomato/avocado/hummus sandwich with veggies and swiss at Which Wich
crispy chicken wrap w/ a cherry limeade from sonic
hummus and pita


don’t you hate it when a new recipe fails?

April 20th, 2012

Thought I’d try a new recipe last night to use up some of the chicken leftovers, so I made a mexican noodle casserole.  Fail.  Too spicy, the noodles were too crunchy, and it took forever.  Also, it called for “1-2 chipotles in adobo sauce” so i had to buy a special ingredient.  Bought the smallest can i could find, and there are probably 15 chipotles in there.  Took 2 out, thought i’d just give them a quick taste and hello spicy!  put 1 back, but even with the 1 it was just too spicy for my kid.  And now what do i do with the rest of the chipotles?  They’re in tupperware in the fridge because i thought maybe i could find another recipe for them.  In reality, i know that i’ll be tossing the mold-covered remains in about 2 weeks.  Such a waste of money and food.  That’s something I’ll never make again.

Something that i will make again (and again and again and again) is baked oatmeal.  I’d forgotten how much i love it.  I’ve been eating it for breakfast and for dessert because, as catie puts it, “it tastes like apple pie!”  She’s been snarfing down a bowl or two every morning sans cranberries “i don’t like cranberries because they make me red.”

It’s only been a couple of weeks of eating better/working out, but i feel better already.  I’ve lost a few pounds, and i can see the beginnings of triceps again.

baked oatmeal
carrots, grape tomatoes, celery with humms, celery with peanut butter (i wasn’t really hungry for lunch; too much oatmeal)
mexican noodle casserole
baked oatmeal (mmmm dessert)



April 18th, 2012

That’s about all the imagination i have tonight.

went for a run, forgot to use my inhaler beforehand so about halfway in my lungs wanted to die.  usually i can find a stable breathing pattern that works in those situations, but the pollen count was just out of control so my allergies were going haywire.  it was not a good scene.  Came home and immediately took my eyeballs out and rinsed them off.  Not really.  But i wanted to.

nothing new and exciting is going on here.  just the usual mundane existence here in the suburbs.  married with a kid and all that entails.  catie starts swimming lessons next week.  i’m sure you’re a better person for knowing that.

bowl of grape nuts
healthy choice pasta thing mixed with leftover spaghetti
bowl of sugar snap peas
half a pb&j and half of a ham & cheese sandwich
baked oatmeal


happy anniversary to me

April 17th, 2012

Our fifth anniversary has come and gone, and all i have to show for it are a few more wrinkles, a few extra pounds, a delightful daughter, and a wonderful husband.

We planned on keeping it low-key, no big gifts or fancy celebration or anything like that.  I asked for a book (which hasn’t even been released yet), and John wanted nothing so I went ahead and got a couple of books for him too.  I wanted to go to Whiskey Cake, and Catie decided that she wanted to celebrate too so we took her along.  I had a blood orange gimlet that was divine.  Well, two actually.  Because i took Catie to the bathroom at one point and when i came back to the table i noticed that my drink level was markedly lower than it was when i’d left.  The waiter stopped by to let me know that my next one was on the way.  Such a great husband, ordering an extra to cover his butt.  Whiskey Cake is the only place I’ll order a salad (I don’t really do salads), but theirs are fantastic.  I had a bbq quail and quail egg salad, and i managed to get Catie to eat almost a whole quail leg.  And of course the Whiskey Cake for dessert.  I completely wrecked any progress i’d made earlier in the week.

I’m back on track this week though.  Mostly.  I did eat more spaghetti and meatballs than i’d planned last night (and had more than one glass of wine, and some ice cream).  But i’ve been really good today; even did some squats and jumping jacks.  This is going to be the year I fit comfortably into my wedding dress again.

1/2 bagel/avocado
healthy choice frozen dinner thing (garlic shrimp and pasta)
celery w/ peanut butter
roasted chicken, asparagus, potatoes

a bunch of squats
a bunch of jumping jacks

as usual, i start missing days

April 12th, 2012

Totally skipped my mind to post yesterday so i’m clearly out of the habit of writing.  Also, my words don’t make sense half of the time and my spelling is atrocious.  I remember when i got my master’s degree i swore that i’d never write properly again, and it seems that i’ve fulfilled that vow.  Can’t think of what i did yesterday other than worked, ate, slept, and did a half-assed ‘workout’.  I did watch the Biggest Loser and felt like a big fat fuck.  Listen, if Michelle Obama can commit to working out at least 20 minutes every single day, there is no reason i can’t get off my ass and do it.  The only thing i’ve been working out lately are the springs of this couch.  It needs to stop.   Also, she is HOT.  That woman has an amazing body.  I love her.  AND her husband.  I plan on voting early and often.

pushups, dips

cereal bar
leftover spaghetti and meatballs
crackers and cheese
greek yogurt w/ honey
more crackers and cheese

we didn’t really have a proper dinner last night.  after feeding catie the last of the meatballs (cold, and sans spaghetti as per her request), john and i just kind of had a ‘fend for yourself’ evening.

so sore

April 10th, 2012

so stupidly sore.  it’s clearly been way too long since i’ve made any kind of effort to get in a shape other than round.

1/2 bagel w/ avocado
coffee w/ milk
sandwich w/ ham, spinach, pickle, avocado, cheese, tomato, probably some other stuff
spaghetti and meatballs
spinach salad w/ strawberries, goat cheese, can’t remember what else
cheese and crackers

alternating back lunges

i probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

9 days later, all i have to show for it…

April 9th, 2012

…are bigger jeans.  You heard me.  I was in KS for about a week because my dad had knee surgery, and i didn’t even try to eat/drink better.  At one point, my pants were so tight and uncomfortable that I went to Walmart and bought bigger jeans.  Why bother trying to get in shape…just buy bigger clothes!  As an added bonus, Catie was with me and i had the pleasure of dragging her to the fitting room.  Walmart fitting rooms.  So grim.

catie:  why are we in here?
me:  becase mommy needs new jeans
catie:  mommy what are those lines on your legs?
me:  they’re from my other jeans, they’re too small so they’re digging in
catie:  is it because you’re fat?
me:  …no, it’s because i’m lazy and haven’t been running or eating right lately
catie:  you should run more so you can keep up with me

at this point my immediate thought was “STFU stupid kid!  I KNOW!  None of this is news!!”  I instead chose to say nothing.

catie:  what are THOSE jeans?
me:  they’re my mom jeans. they’re the jeans that moms wear when they give up trying to look good and just embrace a bigger body
catie:  can we go to the zoo now?

So, yeah.  Bigger jeans.  Never again.   I felt like a big fat fuck.  Came home on Sunday, drank the last beers, ate the last of the junk food, and started the size-reduction process today.

1/2 bagel w/ avocado
coffee w/ milk
1 apple
1 slice of mushroom pizza and iced tea
salad with quinoa, steak, strawberries, etc.
chocolate milk

laundry (a lot of laundry)