9 days later, all i have to show for it…

…are bigger jeans.  You heard me.  I was in KS for about a week because my dad had knee surgery, and i didn’t even try to eat/drink better.  At one point, my pants were so tight and uncomfortable that I went to Walmart and bought bigger jeans.  Why bother trying to get in shape…just buy bigger clothes!  As an added bonus, Catie was with me and i had the pleasure of dragging her to the fitting room.  Walmart fitting rooms.  So grim.

catie:  why are we in here?
me:  becase mommy needs new jeans
catie:  mommy what are those lines on your legs?
me:  they’re from my other jeans, they’re too small so they’re digging in
catie:  is it because you’re fat?
me:  …no, it’s because i’m lazy and haven’t been running or eating right lately
catie:  you should run more so you can keep up with me

at this point my immediate thought was “STFU stupid kid!  I KNOW!  None of this is news!!”  I instead chose to say nothing.

catie:  what are THOSE jeans?
me:  they’re my mom jeans. they’re the jeans that moms wear when they give up trying to look good and just embrace a bigger body
catie:  can we go to the zoo now?

So, yeah.  Bigger jeans.  Never again.   I felt like a big fat fuck.  Came home on Sunday, drank the last beers, ate the last of the junk food, and started the size-reduction process today.

1/2 bagel w/ avocado
coffee w/ milk
1 apple
1 slice of mushroom pizza and iced tea
salad with quinoa, steak, strawberries, etc.
chocolate milk

laundry (a lot of laundry)

2 Responses to “9 days later, all i have to show for it…”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m not offended that you bought bigger jeans but that you bought them at Wal-Mart.

  2. chris says:

    the shame. the deep, immense shame. $17.88 of it.

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