don’t you hate it when a new recipe fails?

Thought I’d try a new recipe last night to use up some of the chicken leftovers, so I made a mexican noodle casserole.  Fail.  Too spicy, the noodles were too crunchy, and it took forever.  Also, it called for “1-2 chipotles in adobo sauce” so i had to buy a special ingredient.  Bought the smallest can i could find, and there are probably 15 chipotles in there.  Took 2 out, thought i’d just give them a quick taste and hello spicy!  put 1 back, but even with the 1 it was just too spicy for my kid.  And now what do i do with the rest of the chipotles?  They’re in tupperware in the fridge because i thought maybe i could find another recipe for them.  In reality, i know that i’ll be tossing the mold-covered remains in about 2 weeks.  Such a waste of money and food.  That’s something I’ll never make again.

Something that i will make again (and again and again and again) is baked oatmeal.  I’d forgotten how much i love it.  I’ve been eating it for breakfast and for dessert because, as catie puts it, “it tastes like apple pie!”  She’s been snarfing down a bowl or two every morning sans cranberries “i don’t like cranberries because they make me red.”

It’s only been a couple of weeks of eating better/working out, but i feel better already.  I’ve lost a few pounds, and i can see the beginnings of triceps again.

baked oatmeal
carrots, grape tomatoes, celery with humms, celery with peanut butter (i wasn’t really hungry for lunch; too much oatmeal)
mexican noodle casserole
baked oatmeal (mmmm dessert)


5 Responses to “don’t you hate it when a new recipe fails?”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Um, recipe please?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Recipe for baked oatmeal, I mean. Not the Mexican Noodle Fail.

  3. chris says:

    it’s this one, and i use 2 cups of thinly sliced apples and 1/2 dried cranberries for the fruit, and 1/4 c brown sugar.

  4. Aria says:

    I’ve read that you can wrap in saran and freeze the chipotles individually so you don’t waste the whole can. But if you didn’t like the smoky flavor, then I can’t help you there! This recipe was good (I didn’t make the slaw).

  5. chris says:

    that sounds really good! i like the smoky flavor, but the spice was a bit much for our kid. but that recipe sounds like something that catie would love and i can use up the chipotles.

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